Thursday, November 8, 2007

Nutty November

Ok, today is a physically yawning day- This wk so far after: 2 classes of Reconciliation prep for my son, a near heart attack of one of my girlfriend's FIL, baby girl/pampered chef party plans,sleepovers and bday parties, cleaning up the house for hosting our first Thanksgiving dinner, money pressures to get major xmas purchases done before certain store coupons expire,as well as to get the van's rear bumper fixed so we can get a proper inspection and go to Motor Vehicle to ty up loose ends... phone calls galore to catch up with pals I haven't had time to get in touch with, and plotting how to get out to the movies Thanksgiving wkend to see August Rush, since I am a Jonathon Rhys fan from Showtimes Tudor show which is on hiatus right now. And a partridge in a pear tree! AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH I think I may need to try and sign up for that holiday stress seminar I just got an email about for next Tues nite down in Aberdeen. It's around this time I will be missing the jet tub at our old house. Sigh. At least there is "must see" tv on tonight. There will be a fresh pot of coffee brewing tomorrow morning. I hope Tom makes thses steaks on the grill really good tonight.I am also wondering why a NY pal's MySpace is set to private, and her cell phone # I have is not working. She is separated from her husband- so I am hoping things are still ok between them. If only I could figure out all these diff passwords I use for all these different accounts. Another project to try and fix in the New Year to come.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Well, it's been a while since last posted- have to catch up on working on 23 things among new home closing, packing for our NY,MA,Ct trip the end of this wk, and packing up our townhome for moving. Yikes- I am trying not to panic thinking about all that- and luckily I have had a lot of chocolate lately to help smooth over the emotional pitfalls.
I am also sad to hear about Daphne's cousin, that a family man serving our country has made the ultimate sacrifice.I wish the world was full of peace and understanding instead of petty arguements about fuel, religion, and pretty much any arguement that people with bombs, guns and other weapons use to protest their side of the arguement.
I think of all the families who have stood in a church and cemetary saying their final goodbyes to a person who was full of hope and loved this country. It's not a picture that I like to see repeated over and over again.
(and NO I am not fond of Bush as President). I will pray for Daphne's family and hope that this war in Iraq will one day end for our troops, so that they will be home with their family and friends-safe.Loved.Laughing.Healing their wounds.
I can't really feel motherfunny today so I'm sure after our road trip there will be yet another oustanding Perreault story. For now, my head bows down in respect for all those servicemen who have, and are- fighting for all of us.I also hope that we all remember that the Fourth of july should pretty much be a sentiment we have everyday in our own dealings with others- respect-home and family,and country.

Friday, June 22, 2007

First Bday, Cake and Eat it :)

Picture New Yr's Eve and that's usually the craziness of my kids' bday parties. Sami turned one this morning- she actually woke up @ 1/2 hr before her actual birth time, which I found funny. Deb Ruth gave her 2 very beautiful bday outfits, and since butterfly is her bday theme- I'm packing them both for our trip to VA. I believe my lack of phone calls and enthusiasm finally hit my SIL and MIL in the brain, as they both called to actually check on Sami. heh heh
The mini van will be packed full of food, drinks and baby gear for baby girl to celebrate tomorrow. Last nite she was full of Grandpa's spagetti, and this morning choc cupcake with vanilla icing. She also has Carvel ice cream cake to share with her playmates and brother at daycare.Thank you Giant for stocking that for on the go moms.
It's pretty quiet in Tech Services, as Judy is still out, and Deb is on Granddaughter alert. So back to the Redlines I go, after burning the new Kelly Clarkson cd, maybe it's actually saved to listen to later! If not- I'll be asking for tips again.
Happy wkend to whoever is reading!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Eardrums,In laws and Wkends

Ok soapers- still not caught up on anything except maybe laundry @ home- It is a fact that In Laws of any kind suck when they really do not consider yr family's needs. Tyler is getting over pneumonia- I am getting over strep and now 2 sleepless nites with Sami- who turns 1 yr old tomorrow!!!!, and who also has a horrible ear infection and head cold. So for my thoughtless relatives who want her to travel to VA on Sat- shame on you all! To my hubby who still thinks we should go- there is not enough chocolate, coffee and patience to give me to deal with them this wkend- I feel horrible enough leaving Sami to come to work.I don't think she should have to suffer away from home and all of her comforts, her crib, her toys, ect.
Ok so now I am stepping off my bitchbox.
Wkends have been full of baseball, bday parties and day excursions,house hunting ect ect. So I wouldn't mind not travelling this wkend at all! I wouldn't mind getting to read a bk, watch a movie(still finishing Dreamgirls), and packing still to get into our new Whiteford Home. I am trying to figure out how to add pictures here and at Myspace.Any suggestions- please comment- that would be a big timesaver for me!
I won't complain @ work- except @ executive decisions sometimes just do NOT make sense to me at all. I'll let you gossip @ what I may be inferring.
Ok well the lure of my dad's spagetti and meatballs for Sami's bday celebration here in MD is very comforting- and so I am anxious to leave tonight, so stats must be done. Thank you Maurice for getting Ty's school papers to me!(in the bag of clothes I passsed him 2day for his grandson).
I miss Supernatural and Grey's Anatomy on thurs nites- those are my sure pick me ups before I start snoring away. Sigh...

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Miracle Monday Summer Reading and North Harford

Hi to anyone reading this- I'm using this blog as a medical neccesity to unclutter my mind with all the stress in the world that makes my brow furrow. ;)
Tyler, Sami and I managed to be in matching Summer Reading T shirts.Made our way to the Whiteford branch, so that Ty could sign up on behalf of his new school to be North Harford.(Our house inspection is next Tues @ 8 am). I have to admit I was a little clausterphobic in the branch esp after working in BA, ABG and now Riverside- but everyone we met was just so friendly, talkative and kind hearted that I forgot about Sami's stroller bumping into various objects and people, and actually enjoyed myself.
We then headed back out in our Odyssey mini van to the school to see what paperwork needed to be filled out. Just as we were pulling out, a couple started walking towards the front door- and I thought that looks like Ty's reading teacher this yr, Mrs Harthausen. As I am still getting over strep throat, I honked the horn and scared the bejesus out of them. It was Mrs H with her husband, and lo and behold a gossip rumor was right! She will be teaching 2nd grade in Sept. So Tyler of course would like to have her as his teacher. If anyone has a suggestion as how to write this letter to the principal, I' greatly thank ya.
Just had to take a shipment from FedEx.Only 5 boxes though.
Technology- I am a Loeber-my brother rarely uses his cell phone, has a PC @ work but not home- My parents utterly daunted by all things electrical. The first time they used our phone, tv,oven, ect always a question or 2- They can't figure out how to retrieve pictures, voicemails ect ect. My husband is a TOTAL Techie -as all are his family. He gets all kinds of PC magazines, Popular Science ect ect. So he's my one stop problem solver. Usually, unless he's had it with me asking the same question over and over- esp with downloading our digital camera. Our home printer hates me, and I loathe it more than a lot of other things I could say. heehee Ok time to finish this blog- I welcome comments and hellos from anyone I haven't seen recently...

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Ticket Thursday

Well hello those looking for some good laughs today- as I sit in my cubicle taking a quick mental break from processing books here at HCPL.
My day really started rolling along with a knock at my front door and a stranger's face- a house appraiser, that my hubby Tom and I were NOT expecting. IE Tom was still up in bed.
Then our realtor showed, and I was doing happy homemaker tasks as to not punch him for emailing us, vs calling and speaking to us directly, these little details @ the appraiser being at our door this morning.
So without hair and makeup done, out the door I go to my dr's appt. I called Tom crying hysterically- this is when I am REALLY pissed off- and am driving pretty fast since not behind the wheel of our minivan and w /out our kids, and curiously- I see a cop head out onto the road and signal me to pull into parking lot.
Needless to say- my crying increased and he took pity on me and gave me a warning- (71 in a 50 zone)-probably fearful of crazy lady drivers. However- I was indeed late to my appt and therefore late getting into work on time- so again- pretty annoyed at the start of my day here- oh the bell tolls for Fed Ex now- Erica got it...
House hunting is an evil and unthoughtful promise of a homemaker fantasy that I suggest you have a lot of paitence and back up options in place for to proceed. We sold our townhouse in 4 days, and it has been an uphill battle to get a darn corporate bank to sign a lousy signature on a piece of paper to 2 gainfully employed parents with excellent credit scores. Am I annoyed? As a New Yorker born and bred- yes!!!!! But to know my children are safe and have a nice neighborhood to live in is keeping me just barely "hanging on" - I know this is in an 80's girl song- will have to watch some VH 1 to figure out who-
Ok well the work week slugs surely onward so return to my book cart I will...
I am a HUGE Days of Our Lives Fan- thus the tags theme.